My Artwork

In 2011 I decided to buy Photoshop CS5 and teach myself how to paint in digital format. I usually use a photo reference and draw the outline before blocking in solid colours. From there I paint and blend. I also use burn and dodge from time to time. But not as much anymore.

Here you will find some of the results.

My current work in progress. I love her eyes and am pleased with the hair so far although it still needs work. It is certainly a long way from the first face I did.

This is a painting I did of Kassandra Clementi. I used a 6px soft brush set at 7% opacity. I have developed my own blending brushes now and can get far better results than previously. Starting to feel like I can digitally paint now. 🙂

An Eye I did for practice. I was basically trying to work with different brush opacities and sizes and also working with different brushes for blending. This is the first time I thought, wow, it’s starting to look real. The iris etc are a little rough but it was a learning curve and great fun.

This is a cover I did for my new series. It is done with burn and dodge techniques mainly with blending.

This is a cover I did using primarily brushes. I did the left side and mirrored it to keep it all in symmetry. I love the way he is staring out of the darkness.

This cover is done primarily with burn and dodge techniques on block colours. I love the little dragon.

I was using burn and dodge techniques on this one. It looks good but I have changed my techniques a bit since then.

This is a cover art I did up for my book, Tiadath Mage. It was in my burning and dodging stage. The sword art was from my first book cover which was painted by Soojin Mitton.

This one was an experiment with burning and dodging in Photoshop. It isn’t fully finished as other techniques grabbed my attention. But I still like her a lot.

This is a cover I did for a friend. It is basically done with pre-set brushes. But for a newby at Photoshop, I was pretty happy with it.

This is the very first face I tried to do. It was painted with basic round brushes at full opacity and it really didn’t get that real look I was after. But it was certainly a start and got me on track. From here I watched u-tube videos etc and learnt and tried different techniques.

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